About the survey

In 2019 6,289 Australian parents and carers responded to the inaugural National Working Families Survey. The number of respondents is rare for this type of research. Clearly there was a call from parents and carers to have a say and voice what they are experiencing with their daily juggle. This survey offers them that chance.

What did they parents and carers tell us 5 years ago?

1 in 3

parents reported that the combination of work and family responsibilities contribute to stress and tension in their relationships with partners and children

1 in 4

parents and carers reported they had considered – or actively intended – leaving their job in the next 12 months due to difficulties combining work with caring.


of participants agreed with the following: “I feel so emotionally and physically drained when I get home from work, it prevents me from contributing to my family.”

Why are we doing this survey again in 2024?

More than ever employers are being asked to step up and implement best practice work and family policy and practices that respond to the changing needs of their employees.

This means addressing the structural and cultural challenges to support parents and carers manage work-life responsibilities such as:

Gender equal parental leave: addressing gender bias around caring, disrupting the breadwinner vs caregiver cultural and structural barriers that hold back gender equality progress
Normalising flexible work for all
Having a clear strategy and defined success measures on supporting families at work
This survey will provide a valuable data set to reference. It should inform the HR and wellbeing strategies of employers, community groups and Government about the daily pulse of what Australian families need to help them stay engaged at work and healthy at home.